A video recap of the website restyle of Racket Productions

I made a vlog of a website I recently designed and developed on Wordpress CMS - fully modular on my 'MPS' plugin using the 'Modular Pattern System' Approach.

Racket Productions (a small movie producing company from Rotterdam) came to me with the question to update their website (which I build 8 years ago - and was still running, yeah).

There wasn't that big budget so I had to think how to use the availble time wisely. Although they had a website before with at least 10+ pages, I choose to make a 'one pager' - with pretty advanced functionality on a custom build theme.

As I have a created a 'Modualr Pattern System' plugin for Wordpress (which can be downloaded freely) which makes it possible to 'rapid' create a theme and 'blocks' I decided to put all the time there was in the styling (directly in Less) and the development. I made a vlog video how this process went!

Check the video