So proud! My work on the Figma Community

I'm so excited to let you know that my "MPS Wireframe Toolkit" (a toolkit to design wireframes in a modular way) is from today available on the official Figma Community website - Yeah!

As I worked already for a long time with this wireframe system / method developed by myself.

I choose to tidy it up a few months ago and make it freely available for the public on the platform of my favorite UX design tool Figma.

This (MPS) approach is truely a great way to integrate UX, design and the final development of an online project and keep the project agile and iterative.

So here it is the first version 0.5.3, download, remix or just like it - is all good! View on Figma Community.

Want to get a quick impression of how it looks and feels? Check out this video on YouTube.